Club Championship 2015

1 Chif 44
2 Tasnadi 44
3 Segers 44
4 Van Middelem 36
5 Aries 36

Winners Leuven Open

2014 Van Herreweghen
2013 De Wilde
2012 Lamote
2011 Lamote
2010 De Wilde
2009 Van Herreweghen

Club Champions

2014 Tasnadi
2013 Segers
2012 Van Herreweghen
2011 De Wilde
(24 July 2015)

Results and ranking:

Double action at 3-4 in a 5-point match, post-Crawford

In the first round, the match between Sassan and Marc was truly amazing; it was an important match to define the final winner of the tournament. Indeed Marc, after a sequence of unlucky dice, was confronted quickly with a score of 4-0 to Sassan. During this Crawford game, which could easily have been the last one for Marc, the bad luck did not leave Marc's side until the very, very last throw. Sassan has still 2 checkers on the 1-point and Marc 3 checkers: one on the 2-point and 2 on the 1-point. It was Marc's turn and he threw a unexpected double 3 which won him the game – at last he could breath normally again. On this throw, Sassan exploded and jumped in the air saying "Wouah, that is why Backgammon is so exciting, but it is still 4-1 for me" J. Indeed there was still a long way to go if Marc was to win the match. The next game was a post-crawford one and Marc doubled after the first throw and, by some miracle, the bad luck had also gone and he finally won the game. The score was 4-3 when Sassan opened the next game with a 6-5 and played 23/13. Just like in the previous game, Marc doubled and, after a long period of reflexion, Sassan accepted. According to the Gnubg computer program, it was a good decision to double, and it was also a take decision to accept the double. Nevertheless Marc won the game with 2 points and he also won the match 4-5.

Marc continued to win against three other participants and, at the end, he was the only player with four victories.

Alain, the current leader of the tournament, could not take advantage of the summer break of some close pursuers to increase his lead. Therefore the standing is still tight.

-- MvH

(26 June 2015)

Results and ranking:

Which move gives the best chance to save the gammon?

Eleven players attended the 6th round of the Club Championship, including Christiane who joined for the first time. She had a remarkably good start, surprising Alain (5:1) and Zsolt (5:0) with her creative checker play an bold cube action in the first and second rounds. She was stopped by Eric who went on to win the tournament.

Eric had skipped the May tournament but came back at the top of his form. In addition to Christiane, he defeated three top 10 players from the Belgian ranking, Ronny, Johan and Leonidas and reached his first proper tournament win in Leuven. Congratulations!

This is a position from his match against Johan. Eric, playing back, was on his way to win the match with a gammon. However, with a last-minute shot, Johan had a gleam of hope to save the gammon and stay in the match. According to computer analysis, the best move for white in this position is not the hitting (17/5*) but safetying the first blot (15/3) which gives a 37% chance to save the gammon. In case of hitting, this chance is only 33%.

With 3 wins, Alain jumped to the top of the Championship ranking. He played the most entertaining match of the evening with Henri in the third round. Henri was in extreme time pressure, playing the last two games with only 1 second of bank time. Remarkably, he did not run out of time, but still, the match was won by Alain.

At half-time, the standing is incredibly tight. Alain can feel the breath of Eric, Guy and Zsolt in his neck and Johan is also within sight. Those not going on holiday this summer may have a chance to gain some advantage. Johan was desperately looking for an organiser for the fourth Friday of July; finally Marc will step in as tournament director.

-- ZT

(22 May 2015)

Results and ranking:

Black trailing 1-3 in a 5-point match: should Black double? Should White take?

15 players gathered in the May tournament, including new player Mahmoud. His compatriot, Mr Soltani was at hand to explain him how to handle the cube.

Two local players, Geert and Johan reached the final. Geert, who showed up only the second time this year, intended to revenge the defeat suffered in the final of the 1st Brugge Backgammon Day back in February but Johan again proved to be too hard to crack.

Geert played agressively, making some bold cube decisions during the evening. For example, playing black, he doubled in the following situation in his second round match against Zsolt. Although he leads in the race and has some threats, according to computer analysis this is not a double. Nevertheless, he won this game and when Zsolt doubled at 3:3 he accepted without much hesitation although he had 2 checkers on the bar facing a 5-point board (while Zsolt needed some big numbers to escape with his laggards without destroying his board). Shortly later he entered with a well-timed 5/5 and managed to triumph.

Championship leaders Alain and Zsolt had a bad evening, collecting only one win each in the first three rounds. In the last match they tried to seek solace against each other. Alain was in firm control but, after an unlikely turnaround, Zsolt secured a second win and saved the day. However, this was not enough to keep the lead in the championship which was grabbed by Guy.

-- ZT

(24 April 2015)

Results and ranking:

Black has 62 to play: 13/5. After that, cube action for White?

After the crowds seen in February and March it was somewhat disappointing that only 9 players showed up in the fourth round of the Club Championship. Nevertheless, it was nice to welcome Sassan, a regular participant of the Leuven Open (the runner-up of 2013) who appeared in a Leuven club evening for the first time. Sassan was happy to meet a compatriot, Nader. In the absence of Toon, Johan stepped in as tournament director.

Zsolt was the only player with 3 wins after 3 rounds and he was well on his way to celebrate his 20th consecutive participation in the Club Championship with a tournament win. He was leading 3:1 against Alain in the fourth round and in the next game, at a considerable lead, he was so confident that he doubled. Alain kept his wits about him, took the double and redoubled. After an awkward roll, Zsolt was forced to leave a double shot and Alain unmercifully used the opportunity to hit and won the match.

Here is another interesting position from the same match, with perfectly symmetric outfields facing each other. Zsolt (playing with black) was the first to blink: after rolling 62 he played 13/5. After that, Alain correctly doubled and Zsolt correctly passed.

Finally, four players shared the first price, with 3 wins each: Alain, Eric, Sassan and Zsolt. In the championship ranking, Alain and Zsolt share the first place but Guy and Toon remain within sight, lagging behind by only 2 and 4 points, respectively.

-- ZT

(27 March 2015)

Results and ranking:

White on roll, trailing 4-away 2-away. Cube action?

On the eve of the 10th Gent Open, again 18 players gathered in the "De Vaart", equaling last month's record. Special welcome to new players Parisa and Vassilis. Brussels players were particularly well represented, with all five members or their 4 Cubes team present.

Maurits, a rare guest in Leuven, had to face all three top players of the local club. He defeated Johan and Patrick but in the final was stopped by Toon. The final (played until 3 points) was a remarkably quick affair, a single game with the cube turning to 4. Apart from Maurits, Alain and Leonidas also finished with three wins while Barna did the same with the help of a lucky "bye". With his win, Toon takes the lead in the championship but the standing is very tight: only 4 points separate the top 4 players.

In the third round match of Johan and Zsolt, trailing 1:3 in a 5-point match, Johan (playing white) presented the cube in the following situation. Zsolt accepted without much hesitation. When Johan offered a bet that this was a blunder, Zsolt suspected that he made a mistake (so he wisely refused the bet). Indeed, because of the high risk of losing a gammon, at this score this should be a clear pass. If the score was 3:0 or even 3:3, this would be a take while at 0:0 it is not even a double.

-- ZT

(27 February 2015)

Results and ranking:

White has the cruel choice between 11/7 5/4, offering a double shot and 5/4* 5/1, leaving two blots.

In spite of the 1st Brugge Backgammon Day having taken place the following day, the February tournament attracted a record number of participants. Players of several nationalities were present with Hungarian and Persian speakers especially well represented.

The 18-strong field included new players Daly and Parham while Barna and Steriu turned up after a prolonged absence. Rating records reveal that they attended the 1st Leuven Open back in 2009; let's hope we dont't have to wait another 6 years for their next appearence.

Guy and Zsolt played the final in the 4th round with Guy getting the upper hand and taking the lead in the championship ranking. Guy, the runner-up of the 2012 Club Championship, had taken it easy in 2014 but this year he seems to be a serious contender for the title. Eric, Nader and new player Parham also had a good evening with 3 wins each. Eric defeated two former club champions while Nader, with his last victory, reached the respectable 1600-point level in the Belgian backgammon rating. Well done!

Finally, an unusual position from a match of the evening, with black occupying white's 6-point. Black boldly took white's double, after which white rolled probably his worst number, 4-1. White had the cruel choice between 11/7 5/4, offering a double shot and 5/4* 5/1, leaving two blots. He correctly opted for the latter. However, Black collected both blots, closed his board and white was lucky not to lose a gammon.

-- ZT

(23 January 2015)

Results and ranking:

Henri to play an awkward 5-3 against Toon

Thirteen players gathered at the kick-off of the 2015 Club Championship, including Chris who hasn't showed up in Leuven since 2013.

Tournament director Toon retained last year's proven format of 4 rounds played in the Swiss system. He had to keep track of a couple of late arrivals and early departures but as usual the organisation was flawless.

Geert was the only player with 3 wins after 3 rounds but his hopes of winning the the tournament were smashed by Zsolt. Finally 4 players shared the first place with 3 wins each: Alain, Geert, Henri and Zsolt. The only undefeated participant was Patrick but he arrived so late he played only in the last round.

Henri defeated both the champion and the runner-up of 2014. In his match against Toon, when in full control, he had a particularly awkward 5-3, forcing him to leave a blot on his 6-point. Toon hit the blot from the bar but after some skirmishes Henri won a gammon and thereby the match.

Although we played 5-point matches in all 4 rounds, we managed to finish relatively quickly; with the exception of the encounter between Kristoffer and Patrick, all matches have been finished by midnight.

-- ZT