Club Championship 2015

1 Chif 44
2 Tasnadi 44
3 Segers 44
4 Van Middelem 36
5 Aries 36

Winners Leuven Open

2014 Van Herreweghen
2013 De Wilde
2012 Lamote
2011 Lamote
2010 De Wilde
2009 Van Herreweghen

Club Champions

2014 Tasnadi
2013 Segers
2012 Van Herreweghen
2011 De Wilde

On this page you can find a selection of links to sites devoted to our favorite game.

Overview sites

board The following sites below provide great directories on Backgammon.


Backgammon Ghent Besides the one in Leuven, there are many more Backgammon clubs in Belgium and the neighbouring countries.

Belgium, the Belgian Backgammon Federation


amstergammonNeighbouring countries


Compete against the bots or analyse your own matches.

Tournament calendars

Calendars of events in Belgium, the neighbouring countries, and all over the world: