Club Championship 2015

1 Chif 44
2 Tasnadi 44
3 Segers 44
4 Van Middelem 36
5 Aries 36

Winners Leuven Open

2014 Van Herreweghen
2013 De Wilde
2012 Lamote
2011 Lamote
2010 De Wilde
2009 Van Herreweghen

Club Champions

2014 Tasnadi
2013 Segers
2012 Van Herreweghen
2011 De Wilde
(27 December 2014)

Results and ranking:

Already before the start of the evening, it was certain that Zsolt would win the 2014 club title, given his huge lead in the championship point ranking. As a true champion, he confirmed his status by winning 3 out of 4 matches. Warm congratulations!

Toon won four matches in a row and thereby continued his impressive record of the last two months: out of 30 matches played in November and December, he only lost two. Unbelievable!

We were happy to welcome new player Vassili. He was explained the use of the cube by Guy just before the start of the tournament. He proved to be a quick learner, winning two matches out of four. We hope Vassili enjoyed the evening and we are looking forward to seeing him again.

Our usual venue, the Sport and Squash Club "De Vaart", being closed between Christmas and New Year, we played exceptionally in the Via Via Reiscafé, Heverlee. The playing rooms upstairs took on a warm glow thanks to the candle lights brought by Nadia.

A big thanks to Toon for the impeccable organization of the monthly tournaments and the transparent communication of the results. The Swiss format was evaluated positively by the particiipants as it minimized waiting times between matches and allowed all players to play longer matches throughout the tournament, nobody being eliminated.

Thank you, finally, to all participants of 2014! See you in 2015.

(28 November 2014)

Results and ranking:

Two days before the 6th Leuven Open, the number of particants (10) was a little less than usual. The first place was tie between four players: Alain, Johan, Toon, and Zsolt, each scoring 3 out of 4 victories. Hereby, Zsolt secured enough points to be sure of the title of Club Champion 2014, whatever the result in December. Congratulations!

(24 October 2014)

Results and ranking:

Leonidas, who already won the August edition, confirmed his winning streak: eight consecutive matches during the Leuven club evenings. Zsolt winning the title is by now a virtual certainty, but with two tournaments to go, the battle for the second place will be an exciting one!

We were delighted to welcome three new players. Abbas, Panos, and Zargham, we hope you enjoyed yourselves! See you soon.

(26 September 2014)

Results and ranking:

Beating amongs others Zsolt, Nabil scored a fine tournament victory. Bravo! Looking forward to your next visit from France.

Tournament director Toon surprised us with a professional looking score table, receiving live feed from his computer and displayed on a large tv screen.

(22 August 2014)

Results and ranking:

A fine backgammon evening, with 17 participants in total. For the first time in the club's history, there were not enough boards to play on, although Johan had already brought an extra board. Marc went home to fetch another one -- thank you, Marc! For future events, please bring your own board...

Of the 27 matches registered in Bigelo under his name, Leonidas lost only 8. A winning percentage of 19/27 = 70 per cent is truly impressive. At this rate, he'll be on top of the rating list in no time. Congratulations for the tournament victory and keep it up!

Some players arrived late and some other players left early, but this was not really an issue thanks to Toon's flexible tournament format. Great job, Toon, and thanks for the administration!

Finally, welcome to Nader! See you next time!

(25 July 2014)

... Zsolt! Results and ranking: Except for bribery, blackmail, or other extra-legal procedures, it is hard to how Zsolt can be prevented to win this year's club championship.

Toon being on holiday, Patrick was in charge of the organisation. Thanks, Patrick, for helping out!

As our usual venues were all closed for the summer holidays, the tournament took place in "Bar del Sol" (Schapenstraat, Leuven). We played in the room on the first floor, which was perfectly adequate.

Welcome to new player Eric Aries! We hope you had a good time and look forward to seeing you again.

(27 June 2014)

Results and ranking:

Seventeen players joined our club evening, of which two new faces. Welcome, Rina; welcome, Thomas! We hope you had a good time.

Zsolt offered a limited “World Cup” edition of the famous Hungarian herbal liqueur, Unicum, for the first player dancing with a double 6 on a one-point board (the well-known "Champagne!" position) and another, smaller bottle of the same drink for the first player defeating him. The bigger bottle went to Dan and the smaller one to Luc.

Dan was the only one to win four matches, followed by five players with three out of four. As a result, there were but little changes in the championship point ranking, Zsolt keeping a firm lead.

(23 May 2014)

Results and ranking:

As in April, 4 players ended with 3 victories in 4 games, sharing the first place. One of them was Zsolt, again. His lead his become impressive: 100.77 points already, whereas Toon and Patric have 50.77 and 57.19 respectively. Its May only, but it already seems that the battle for the second place will be more exciting than the one for the first place!

(30 April 2014)

The plan of Leuven's 2 captain, Marc "Skywalker", was quite clear: winning 9-0. While his two jedi followers, Akbar and Henri, drew their light sabers, Leuven 1's clone troops, Toon, Patrick and Johan, charged their guns. In the first round, Marc and Akbar skilfully deviated Toon and Patrick's blasts, doing some lethal hitting of their own. Only Johan managed to strike back, defeating Henri at double match point. Leuven 2 was leading 2-1. In the second round, captain Toon set the example to his team mates, defeating Akbar with the perfect score. Patrick could not keep up with Henri, however, but fortunately for Leuven 1, Johan (in severe time pressure as always), gammoned Marc. Equal score after two rounds, a decisive third round to come. Henri and Marc inhaled a fresh supply of the Force, defeating Toon and Marc, securing the victory for Leuven 2. The final match between Johan and Akbar had become immaterial, but of course, both warriors galantly played on, Johan winning.

Congratulations to Leuven 2! May the Force be with you. And please get those Cubes back home!

(25 April 2014)

Results and ranking:

Only 10 players, but nevertheless a lot of fun in the April edition, thanks to the new format, by which everybody can continue playing and earning points until the end, no elimination. Four players had 3 victories in 4 matches, sharing thereby the bulk of the points to be earned: Alain, Guy, Patrick and Zsolt (again!).

Hereby an instructive position in my match to Alain:

    GNU Backgammon  Position ID: tm1KwADaPIMDQA
                    Match ID   : cAmnADAACAAE
    +24-23-22-21-20-19------18-17-16-15-14-13-+  O: Alain
    |    O  O  O  O  O |   |    O  O     O  X |  3 points
    |    O  O  O  O  O |   |                X |  
    |                  |   |                X |  
    |                  |   |                  |  
    |                  |   |                  |  
    |                  |BAR|                  |v 5 point match (Cube: 1)
    |                  |   |                  |  
    |                X |   |                  |  
    |                X |   |                  |  
    |       X  X     X |   | O  X             |  Rolled 61
    |    X  X  X     X | X | O  X             |  1 point
    +-1--2--3--4--5--6-------7--8--9-10-11-12-+  X: Johan		

I'm trailing 1-3 in a 5-point match. The cube is still in the middle. My checker is on the bar against Alain's 5-point board, but then I roll a miraculous 61. Without thinking I grab the checker and slide it on Alain's bar point. To my surprise, the analysis afterwards showed that this is massively wrong (200 millipoints blunder). Entering at the 24-point is forced of course, but the other possible six, 8/2, is much better. Although the latter move exposes a second checker, it leaves much less shots. Moreover, I reinforce my own home board, which may be important when Alain wants to hit me loose on his ace-point. Finally, having a second checker sent back is not the end of the world for me provided I can make the ace-point anchor.

In the Club Championship 2014 ranking, Zsolt extends his lead upon runner-up Toon to more than 30 points.

(28 March 2014)

Results and ranking:

Finally it was Toon who, in the 3rd round of the evening, managed to stop Zsolt's winning streak. Zsolt hadn't lost a single match in Leuven since November last year. In the second round, Johan had already tried his best, but, in extreme time pressure, Zsolt managed to escape a checker from the bar and win a match-deciding race.

Welcome to Deva, who came all the way from Aachen. We hope your car has been fixed again! Great also to see Miguer again.

In the Club Championship 2014 ranking, Zsolt maintains a twenty-point lead upon Toon, who becomes second.

(28 February 2014)

Results and ranking:

Three Fourth-Friday tournament victories in a row for Zsolt: December, January, and February. Congratulations! In the Club Championship 2014 ranking, Zsolt takes a firm lead.

(24 January 2014)

Results and ranking:

The format chosen for the 4th-Friday tournaments in 2014 is a Swiss tournament with four rounds. Match lengths are 3-5-5-5, although this may change in the course of the year. Together, the twelve monthly tournaments form the Backgammon Club Leuven 2014 Championship, with Toon Van Herreweghen as tournament director. The calculation of the points is explained in detail in the rules. Matches were played with the clock.

Zsolt was the only one with four victories, defeating Dan, Guy, Patrick, and Toon. Congratulations!

We were also happy to see some old friends again as well as some new players from the Leuven Open 2013. Dan, Kristoffer, Johan, Cedric, Niousha, we hope you enjoyed yourself!

The tournament ended around midnight, after which the die-hards continued in a late night chouette. Your reporter did not stay until the end of it, but nevertheless stayed late enough to witness (from the sideline) a 64-cube being handed over and accepted.