Club Championship 2015

1 Chif 44
2 Tasnadi 44
3 Segers 44
4 Van Middelem 36
5 Aries 36

Winners Leuven Open

2014 Van Herreweghen
2013 De Wilde
2012 Lamote
2011 Lamote
2010 De Wilde
2009 Van Herreweghen

Club Champions

2014 Tasnadi
2013 Segers
2012 Van Herreweghen
2011 De Wilde

Friday, January 14, 2011, at 20:30 in the University Snooker and Pool, Heverlee.


  1. Club evenings
  2. Club Championship 2011
  3. 4 Cubes
  4. Club funds
  5. Promotion: Deelraad Vrije Tijd, Zocalo, ...
  6. E-life: website, rating, mailing list
  7. Board
  8. Leuven Open 2011
  9. Other points


Present: Alain Chif, Robert Honoree, Patrick De Wilde, David NN, Johan Segers, Lieve Stroobants, Zsolt Tasnadi, Marc Van Haverbeke, Toon Van Herreweghen, Guy Van Middelem.

Excused: Liévin Vandenplas.

Start: 20:30.

The meeting takes place in a pleasant mix of Dutch, French, and English.

Club evenings

As in 2010, we keep two club evenings per month, on the 2nd and the 4th Friday.

Playing should start no later than 20:30. Players that wish to participate in that evening's tournament should arrive before that moment or, in case of a delayed arrival, warn the tournament director. The reason is that the tournament format depends on the number of players and that once a tournament has been started, it may be difficult to include new players.

Club Championship 2011

The twelve 4th-Friday-of-the-month tournaments of 2011 will constitute together the Club Championship 2011. Tournament director is Marc Van Haverbeke. For details, see

The system with participation points is approved, although on the long run it should make no real difference.

The budget for the trophy is € 25.

4 Cubes

Toon Van Herreweghen volunteers to remain the Leuven team captain until the 4 Cubes are reconquered.

For 2011, the selection of the players is done based upon the rating list ( and the club championship points ( The weight accorded to the club championship points increases as the year progresses.

Club funds

The current system with voluntary contributions to the club's piggy bank is approved. (At the end of the evening, the piggy contains € 71.77.)

Patrick De Wilde is willing to continue to manage the piggy bank.

Club members are welcome to suggest possible ways to spend the money for the benefit of the club. Some possibilities: an electronic clock, an outdoor backgammon board to be used for promotion, sponsoring of the Leuven Open, etc.


Patrick De Wilde represents our club in the Deelraad Vrije Tijd, which is part of the Cultuurraad of the city of Leuven.

As in the previous years, we will participate in Zocalo, an initiative of the Deelraad to promote clubs in Leuven. The tentative date for this year's edition is Saturday, May 7, 2011. Volunteers wanted! The budget for renting exhibition space is to be determined.

The province of Vlaams-Brabant offers free insurance for volunteers. Patrick will try to find out how this works.


Our website is Web hosting and the domain name are arranged via Cost for the period Nov 2010 to Nov 2011 is € 27.83. Webmaster is Johan Segers, who volunteers to continue doing this.

The mailing list of our club is the Yahoo group Messages can be posted by members by sending an email to Subscription to the list requires creating a Yahoo account, which comes with a Yahoo email address. However, it is not mandatory to use this Yahoo email address to receive messages of the mailing list: in the user settings, one can change the address to another one.

The rating list can be found via Implementation and maintenance: Toon Van Herreweghen. An explanation of how ratings are computed can be found on Match results are fed to the system by Johan Segers.

Leuven Open

We intend to organize a 3rd Leuven Open in the fall of 2011. As in 2010, the tournament will be played without entry fee (tournament report on The challenge is to make the event sufficiently interesting to compensate for the absence of money prizes.


The following committee is elected: president, Johan Segers; treasorer, Patrick De Wilde; club championship tournament director, Marc Van Haverbeke; 4 Cubes captain, Toon Van Herreweghen; representative Deelraad Vrije Tijd, Patrick De Wilde.

Other points

Players are kindly requested to arrive in time at the club evenings if they wish to participate at the tournament. Playing is to start at 20:30. In case of late arrivals, please send an SMS or give a call.

The meeting closes at 21:05.

Report written by Johan Segers, 2011-01-25.