Club Championship 2015

1 Chif 44
2 Tasnadi 44
3 Segers 44
4 Van Middelem 36
5 Aries 36

Winners Leuven Open

2014 Van Herreweghen
2013 De Wilde
2012 Lamote
2011 Lamote
2010 De Wilde
2009 Van Herreweghen

Club Champions

2014 Tasnadi
2013 Segers
2012 Van Herreweghen
2011 De Wilde

GNU Gackgammon screenshot The matches below have been analysed using GNU Backgammon.

Hint: when replaying a match in your browser, press the function key [F11] to switch to full screen and get a better view. Press [F11] again to return to normal view.

6th Leuven Open (Leuven, 30 November 2014)

  • R1: Bert Van Kerckhove vs. Patrick De Wilde [ *.sgf ]
  • R2: Toon Van Herreweghen vs. Leonidas Sotiriadis [ *.sgf ]
  • R3: Zsolt Tasnadi vs. Geert Dooms [ *.sgf ]
  • R4: Sassan Kashanian vs. Eric Aries [ *.sgf ]
  • R5: Kristoffer Deweert vs. Michel Lamote [ *.sgf ]
  • R6: Toon Van Herreweghen vs. Line Vandamme [ *.sgf ]

BIC 2013 Final: Geert Van der Stricht vs. Guy Van Middelem

The Belgian Individual Championship was organized for the first time in 2013 by Duels between players were best-of-5 matches to 11 points. In other words, the first player to win 3 matches to 11 points wins the duel.

5th Leuven Open (Leuven, 17 November 2013)

  • R1: Guy Van Middelem vs. Luc Palmans [ *.mat | *.sgf | *.xg ]
  • R2: Henri Pollet vs. Michel Lamote [ *.mat | *.sgf | *.xg]
  • R3: Toon Van Herreweghen vs. Leonidas Sotiriadis [ *.mat | *.sgf | *.xg ]
  • R4: Patrick De Wilde vs. Alain Chif [ *.mat | *.sgf | *.xg ]
  • R5: Sassan Kashanian vs. Michel Lamote [ *.mat | *.sgf | *.xg ]
  • Hypergammon qualifier: Guy Van Middelem vs. Rudy Bertels [ *.mat | *.sgf ]
  • Hypergammon qualifier: Patrick De Wilde vs. Rudy Bertels [ *.mat | *.sgf ]
  • Final: Sassan Kashanian vs. Patrick De Wilde [ *.mat | *.sgf | *.xg ]

3rd Leuven Open (Heverlee, 11 December 2011)

Each round, one match was recorded on video and transcribed on computer by Patrick De Wilde. In addition, Luc Palmans wrote down his own matches too -- while playing with the clock!.

  • R1: Ken Shibata vs. Paulus van Rooijen [*.mat | *.sgf]
  • R1: Peter Allemeersch vs. Luc Palmans [*.xg]
  • R2: Peter Allemeersch vs. Paulus van Rooijen [*.mat | *.sgf | *.xg]
  • R2: Luc Palmans vs. Ken Shibata [*.xg]
  • R3: Henri Pollet vs. Maly Hosseinpour [*.mat | *.sgf | *.xg]
  • R3: Luc Palmans vs. Geert Van der Stricht [*.xg]
  • R4: Patrick De Wilde vs. Toon Van Herreweghen [*.mat | *.sgf | *.xg]
  • R4: Luc Palmans vs. Majid Afghajani [*.xg]
  • R5: Toon Van Herreweghen vs. Paulus van Rooijen [*.mat | *.sgf | *.xg]
  • R5: Luc Palmans vs. Maly Hosseinpour [*.xg]
  • Semifinal: Luc Palmans vs. Michel Lamote [*.mat | *.sgf | *.xg]
  • Big Final: 1. Michel Lamote, 2. Paulus van Rooijen [*.mat | *.sgf | *.xg]
  • Small Final: 3. Luc Palmans, 4. Alain Chif [*.xg]

Nordic Open (Copenhagen, 21-26 April 2011)

Karsten Bredahl vs. Luc Palmans
The 2nd round match of the Nordic Open 2011 (Copenhagen) by Gammonator Luc Palmans against the Danish champ Karsten Bredahl, two-fold winner of the Nordic Open. Match recorded by Paulus van Rooijen. For some technical reason, the final game and the overall match statistics are unavailable in the html version, but you can also download the .sgf file.

4 Cubes Ghent (BBBC) v Leuven (Challenger) – 28 December 2010

The 4 Cubes is the name of Belgium's backgammon interclub competition. The four 5-point matches below are all taken from the confrontation between the clubs of Ghent and Leuven on December 28, 2010, recorded by Ghent player Geert Van der Stricht. Read report.

Geert Van der Stricht vs. Patrick De Wilde
A very strong match by Patrick, but the dice just don't cooperate...

Geert Van der Stricht vs. Guy Van Middelem
Fine checker play but lousy cube handling: together, Geert and Guy missed no less than 12 doubles, two of which were even passes. Try to find them all!

Geert Van der Stricht vs. Toon Van Herreweghen
An almost perfect match by Geert, opposed to what seems to be a cube bias by Toon, who doubles too late and takes too deeply.

Geert Van der Stricht vs. Johan Segers
A fine match by both players. Biggest mistake is Johan's drop when leading 3-0.

2nd Leuven Open (Heverlee, 20 November 2010)

14 players, 6 rounds Swiss, 7-point matches, with clock (Bronstein, 12 minutes per match plus 12 seconds per move). Final between the two players that won 5 matches out of 6 and shoot-out for the third place between the two players with 4 out of 6.

Matches recorded on camera and transcribed on computer by Patrick De Wilde. The final is annotated in an instructive way by Paulus van Rooijen.

On Youtube, you can also replay the hypergammon shoot-out for the 3rd place between Walter Meuwis vs. Elif Memis as well as the final 7-point match between Henri Pollet vs. Patrick De Wilde.

Nadia Falise vs. Henri Pollet
Round 1. For both players, it's the first time they play with the clock.

Patrick De Wilde vs. Marc Van Haverbeke
Round 2. High error rates for both players, but Patrick's luck rate is by far the higher one... Whatever Marc tries, nothing seems to works out...

Walter Meuwis vs. Annick Hasdenteufel
Round 3. A victory for Annick of which she was very proud afterwards.

Lieve Stroobants vs. Eric Wauters
The match recorded during Round 4 of the 'doubling cube division' was the de facto final of the 'classic division'. For both players, it's the first time they play with the clock.

Henri Pollet vs. Zsolt Tasnadi
Round 5. Du jamais vu: In game 5, when trailing 1-4, Zsolt redoubles to 2! He'll finish by actually losing that game, staying (barely) alive at 1-6 Crawford...

Luc Palmans vs. Patrick De Wilde
Round 6. A crucial game. If Patrick wins, he will play the final to Henri Pollet; otherwise, there will be hypergammon shoot-outs among Patrick, Luc and some other players to determine the second finalist. The match starts well for Luc who reaches a 6-0 lead. But then things start to turn, in part due to some erroneous post-Crawford cube actions by Luc. At 3-6, Patrick nails down a perfectly efficient gammon with the cube at 2. A fine match by both players.

Walter Meuwis vs. Elif Memis
The exciting hypergammon shoot-out for the 3rd place (clock: 1 minute for the game plus 12 seconds per move). You can also watch the game on Youtube.

Henri Pollet vs. Patrick De Wilde
With highly instructive comments from Paulus van Rooijen. The grand final, in which Patrick achieves his first major tournament victory. Congratulations! You can also watch the match on Youtube.

Superzondag (Rotterdam, 30 August 2009)

Fourteen players plus two rebuys, main flight plus progressive consolation, 13-point matches.

JB Camelia vs. Toon Van Herreweghen
Quarter final, recorded by Johan Segers

4 Cubes Leuven vs. Ghent (Heverlee, 12 June 2009)

Four players from Ghent challenge four players from title holder Leuven for a total of 16 matches to 7. If the challenger wins 9 matches or more, they conquer the 4 Cubes as well as the title of Belgium's Best Backgammon Club.

Michel Lamote vs. Johan Segers
Round 4 – The double match point game in the decisive match between the two club captains.
Game recorded by Bert Van Kerckhove

Michel Lamote vs. Toon Van Herreweghen
Round 3 – recorded by Johan Segers