Club Championship 2015

1 Chif 44
2 Tasnadi 44
3 Segers 44
4 Van Middelem 36
5 Aries 36

Winners Leuven Open

2014 Van Herreweghen
2013 De Wilde
2012 Lamote
2011 Lamote
2010 De Wilde
2009 Van Herreweghen

Club Champions

2014 Tasnadi
2013 Segers
2012 Van Herreweghen
2011 De Wilde

During a meeting on 4 September 2009 in Ghent, the 4 Cubes challenge was extended to the known three backgammon clubs in Belgium: Ghent, Hasselt's Gammonators, and the Backgammon Club Leuven.

In addition, the following rules were agreed upon.

  • The right to challenge Belgium's Best Backgammon Club shall from now on be reserved for the club with the status of Challenger.
  • In order to become Challenger itself, the third club first has to defeat the current Challenger. In their confrontation, the home advantage and the draw advantage are for the Challenger.
  • In addition, the winner of a confrontation BBBC versus Challenger or Challenger versus other is granted an immunity period of 4 weeks during which the winner cannot be challenged to put its title of BBBC or Challenger at stake.

Report of the meeting and full description of the rules (pdf)

The choice of the match length, 5 or 7, is the privilege of the visiting club. However, for practical reasons, it is recommended that 7-point matches are played with the clock (Bronstein system, 12 minutes per match plus 12 seconds per move). Even for 5-point matches, use of the clock can be taken into consideration.