Club Championship 2015

1 Chif 44
2 Tasnadi 44
3 Segers 44
4 Van Middelem 36
5 Aries 36

Winners Leuven Open

2014 Van Herreweghen
2013 De Wilde
2012 Lamote
2011 Lamote
2010 De Wilde
2009 Van Herreweghen

Club Champions

2014 Tasnadi
2013 Segers
2012 Van Herreweghen
2011 De Wilde

The 4 Cubes

In April 2009, a challenge was issued between the Backgammon clubs of Ghent and Leuven to determine who earned the title of Belgium's Best Backgammon Club (BBBC). A couple of months later, Hasselt's Gammonators have joined in.

After conquering the 4 Cubes in January 2010, Ghent has defended it successfully for six times already. Following Leuven's failed last attack (Ghent, September 16, 2011, report), the situation is as follows:

  1. Ghent (BBBC)
  2. Backgammon Club Leuven (Challenger)
  3. Hasselt's Gammonators

See also the overview of all 4 Cubes confrontations in the 'Early Years' 2009-2011.

A national backgammon interclub competition

In December 2011, the club in Brugge announced its willingness to fight for the 4 Cubes too. It was then decided to close the chapter 'The 4 Cubes - The Early Years (2009-2011)' and to open up the 4 Cubes competition to a national backgammon interclub tournament.

It is sad to have to say goodbye to the old 4 Cubes format, with the 'Challenger' chasing the 'BBBC' and being itself chased by the 'third club'. The 4 Cubes have played an important role in bringing the backgammon clubs of Ghent, Hasselt and Leuven closer together. But they have also inspired other clubs to seek contact and join in. This is a success we didn't dare to hope for when we launched the competition in 2009.

Thank you to everybody who contributed in making the 'Early Years' to such an interesting and lively competition. You can read how the story continues on the official 4 Cubes webpage of, the Belgian Backgammon Federation.