Michel Lamote wins Kaiserbrunnen Cup 2011

In Brakel (Ger), 47 players entered the Champions division of the 17th Kaiserbrunnen Cup. After 4 days of play (10-13 June), Ghent player Michel Lamote came out on top. Walter Meuwis from Hasselt made it to the semi-finals.

The tournament was organised for the 17th time, once again in the Kaiserbrunnen Hotel, situated in a foresty region some 150 km east of Cologne. For 55 euro/day, the participants got bed, breakfast and dinner. No wonder 72 players showed up to enjoy this amazing package deal. By the way, the same formula is on offer for the Deutsche Meisterschaft (German Championship) held in the same venue (30 September - 3 October).

Now to the action. The field of Champions consisted mainly of German, Swiss and Austrian players, mostly of a level somewhere between Advanced and Expert. Still, some sharks had shown up. Among them, Volker Sonnabend, Tobias Hellwag and Peter Van de Bruck (probably the best-known names). It certainly looked as if our Belgian delegation did not stand a chance in this field.

No little surprise then to find Walter and Michel in the semi-final on Sunday. Walter had easily brushed off 2 strong opponents in the early rounds and had caused quite a stir in eliminating Germany's Peer Röwer in the quarter final. Michel had survived one DMP (double match point) in the 2nd round against former German champion Christian Plenz, and managed to repeat that feat in the 4th round (quarter final).

|2O2X ' '2X4X|   |3X ' ' ' '1O|
|                   |   |                   |
|                 | 1 |                 |
|3X2O2O1O '4O|   |2O1O ' ' '1X|

Diagram 1: Michel (blue, 8-away) v. Walter (white, 16-away)
White doubles. Should Blue take?

The semi-final (match to 17) between our two compatriots looked like a one-sided affair with Michel leading 11-1 after a very much talked about game : trailing 9-1 Walter had doubled Michel in a tricky position (see Diagram 1):

Michel : "I felt I had a comfortable take : Walter only has 3's and 1's to hit, a race deficit, a weaker board and 3 men on the 24-point. 20% gammons at the most and winning chances in the bottom sixties at best [actually it's 22% gammons and less than 55% winning chances]. Still, as my blots were being gobbled up and the gammons started to loom, I started to regret my take. Fortunately a lucky 21 from the bar secured a 1-3 backgame with good timing for me".

|1O3X ' ' ' '|   |1O1O1O ' ' '|
|                   |   |                   |
|       6 4       |   |                 |
|1O2O2O2O2O2O| 2 | ' ' ' ' ' '|

Diagram 2, continuation of the game in Diagram 1.
White rolls 64, leaves a shot, and...

Walter, however, confidently rolled his way to Diagram 2 : any double except 11 nets a 6-point backgammon, but he just rolled 64... Can you guess the outcome? Michel rolled 51, hitting Walter's last checker, and managed, after lots of twists and turns, to close that brave last man out. Walter kept dancing, then finally came in with a 54, jumping to the 16-point. Surely Michel wasn't going to take 9 men off before Walter threw 16 pips. Well, here's how it went : Michel 61, Walter 42 (16/10), Michel 62, Walter 31 (10/6), Michel 61, Walter 11 (6/2 !!), Michel ... 55 (!!!). Who says backgammon is about luck ... and skill?

|2X '2X2X1O2X|   | '1X ' ' ' '|
|                   | 2X|                   |
|                 | 1 |       5 3       |
|1X2O2O2O1O4O|   |3O ' ' '1X2X|

Diagram 3: Michel (blue, 3-away) v. Walter (white, 6-away)
Blue to play 53.

Still, Walter fought on courageously, came back to 14-11, and then Michel had this 53 to play : Diagram 3.

Michel : "By this time in the match, I was pretty rattled. I had been ahead 14-1 but Walter had managed to win 10 points in a row. Here, at 3-away 6-away, Walter had a 4-point board and the position looked mutually gammonish to me. All kinds of catastrophe scenarios started to develop in my head and the fear of losing had me in his (her?) grip. I even considered playing 7/2 5/2 : that would really have been a pitiful choice (i.e. a 300 mp blunder!). In the end I opted for the single hit, but as Snowie indicates, this is still a blunder! I have to double-hit 20/17* 6/1*! Walter would then have 4 men on the bar against a two-blotted board, giving me 16% match-winning backgammons. Unfortunately I discarded the move too quickly. I simply failed to correctly balance the gammons lost (surprisingly only 4%) against the games and gammons (and backgammons!) won".

In short, an anxiety play, deservedly flagged by Snowie as a blunder. After much stressful checker play, Michel ended up winning a gammon : 16-11.

|2X '2X2X '3X|   |2X '1X1O ' '|
|                   |   |                   |
|       5 3       |   |                 |
| '1X '2O2O2O| 2 |3O2O '3O '2X|

Diagram 4: Michel (blue, post-Crawford) v. Walter (white, 5-away)
White to play 53.

The Crawford-game went to Walter and at 5-way 1-away and an early double, it came to this : Diagram 4. Walter probably made an error in slotting the 5-point, but Michel felt the pressure : only 5's and 32 hit (35%) and the dances could mean gammon. To his relief, Michel found another knock-out 55 from the bar and won the match moments later.

All in all, both players made a fair share of blunders in this match, but came out with respectable ER's (the match was notated by Christian Plenz) : 4,2 (M) and 6,2 (W). After the match, Walter was warmly complimented for his composure under adversity : even when the dice treated him cruelly and he was 10 points down, he never lost his phlegmatic smile.

The final was held on Monday. Michel faced Frank Simon (Ger) in a 19-pointer. The first part of the match was very exciting to watch, with joker-sequences galore, and when the players took a break, it was 7-7. At that time a clock was imposed on the players. It was clear that Frank Simon, who had had a late night, wanted to speed things up.

Michel : "At the board I could really feel Frank's eagerness to get the cube in his possession. I felt he was looking for high-volatility positions with aggressive cube/re-cube potential, so I deliberately strove towards low-volatility games like holding games and races where I could comfortably leave the cube centered, even with an substantial equity advantage. He had shown multiple signs of irritation during play so I knew that his frustration tolerance was flimsy. I wanted to make it a long struggle".

| ' '2X2X2X2X|   |1X '1X ' ' '|
|                   |   |                   |
|                 | 1 |       5 3       |
|3O2X3O3O2X2O|   |4O ' ' '1X '|

Diagram 5: Michel (blue, 5-away) v. Frank (white, 7-away)
Blue on roll: cube action?

Still, Simon took a 12-7 lead, only to see it evaporate again and at 14-12 for Michel, this position came up : Diagram 5.

Michel : "I vaguely remembered the reference position from Walter Trice's Bootcamp-book where 3 points to clear against a 5-2 backgame is still a 'No double, take'. So I waited till I had only 2 points to clear, and was elated when he snatched the cube. Over the board I was convinced I had trapped him into a wrong take. As it turns out, it is a blunder for me to double and his take is crystal. It all has to do with the stripped 6-point of course. If you put a checker from the 7 to the 6, it's a clear double, pass and if you put one from the ace to the 6 it's borderline double, take. It is all very humbling to see how you can get things all wrong over the board. I guess that is why players like me have problems making the move from Advanced to Champion level".

Fortunately for Michel, he jokered his way to a gammon (18-12) and was able to pull the Crawford-game out of the fire with another much needed 55, this time escaping from behind a broken 4-prime. That meant game, match and championship for Michel.

Michel : "Of course I am happy with this win. Just as I was about to throw my backgammon board in the Leie, I got the best dice in years and did not encounter a single mishap in crucial situations".

On a side note : Kimon Papachristopoulus, a frequent participant in Rotterdam's monthly Superzondag, won the Consolation. He beat Peer Röwer in the final.

All in all, a successful tournament, well-organized in a very friendly atmosphere. Check your calendar for the German Championship (30.09 - 03.10.2011). Info at : www.bg-info.de.